A woman you see from a distance and think she is really hot! But as you get closer and she turns around it ends up being a 60 year old ugly woman!
I was walkin by and saw this girl with a smoking body but when she turned around she was definitely a "Cher"!
by Patman1988 March 18, 2009
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Informal way of saying teacher. Used widely in Singapore and incorporated with “Singlish”.
“Eh cher! How to do this question? So hard leh!”
by YaasJ August 18, 2019
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i wonderful singer originating from the 60s with the magical duo of sonny and Cher.
who is the goddess of pop?
well that easy its Cher dummy!
by itsme!!! January 12, 2021
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noun. Louisiana Creole term meaning "darling," "sweetie" or "honey." From French "chéri."
Ki sa se bon en Nouvu Olean, mon cher!
(It's all good in New Orleans, my darling!)
by jennifer October 21, 2004
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Louisiana Cajun and Creole slang, sometimes intentionally misspelled. See sha

1. Term of affection meaning darling, dear, or sweetheart
2. Adjective meaning cute
3. An exclamatory expression meant to express how cute or precious something is

1. "Come here, cher."
2. "That is so cher."
3. "Look at that little baby! Cher bebe'!"
by Monique K. May 16, 2007
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I'm so old; I dated Cher when she was only in her SIXTIES.
by orf October 28, 2002
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Singer, songwriter, actress, movie director and entertainer, won an Oscar, a Grammy, several Golden Globes, an Echo, Bambi and a few others. Witty, sexy and all in all, one of the greatest people that ever lived.
The name can also be used as synonym of "great" or "flamboyant".
by Sunlight May 6, 2004
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