The number of bits that these classic, popular 1980's video game consoles had:

Sega Master System
Atari 2600
Sega Game Gear
Anyone who thinks the term "8-bit" only applies to the NES is what you would call a noob.
by Alex Mama April 21, 2005
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the era of gaming where computers used 8-bit methods of producing the game programing and 8-bit systems were the most up to date
The 8-bit era was during the late 1980s and introduced better animation to games.
by The Return of Light Joker April 30, 2008
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A Slang word for the best invention of the late 20th Century, the original Nintendo Entertainment System, also called the NES. Refers to the bits the system was capable of handling. The 8-Bit brought with it classics including: Contra, Double Dragon, Excitebike, Mike Tyson's Punchout and many more unforgettable titles.
Hey B-Vice, let's get high and play 8-bit. Sometimes you have to blow in the 8-Bit games to get them to work properly.
by JC March 22, 2005
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nes was a system that took everything and put it back to place, without the original nintendo you wouldn't have your "PS2's" and "Xbox's". At one point all of nintendos systems were being taken back because of every single problem you had to face due to such a fucken piece of shit at least segas system didn't have catridge defiency but this square piece of ingenious technology couldn't last a day without constant blowing and the constant clicking of the on and off button.
the nintendo never got old it just fell apart.
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In financial terms, the cost having intercourse with yo' mama.
D-amnnnn, yo' someone lemme git 8-bit, yo' mama's lookin' fly today.
by Moogwai March 23, 2009
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