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the greatest sport in the world. And for those who do play proper competitive volleyball. the single greatest way to meet chicks. as they tend to go for guys who can also play
due to the physical strength and fitness required to play this highly skilled sport. the women tend to be of the attractive nature
normal guy: dude how the hell do you know all these chicks

volleyballer: volleyball bro

normal guy: but i go watch every week

volleyballer: they're only interested in those who can play. not those that just go to perv
by balvball January 17, 2011

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the 6 pack of beer (or any beverage) that is rewarded to a volleyball player by the coach or rest of the team. when the said player spikes or serves the ball and it hits an opposition player square in the face.

often results in a bloody nose and a crushed ego
fuck man thats the 3rd guy this game that you've 6 packed
by balvball January 17, 2011

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a term used in volleyball. where a player has spiked the ball which has been blocked by another player on the other side of the net. the ball then proceeds to travel straight down off the block and land on the floor. more often then not before the player who it the ball does.

if referee is a cool guy. will signal a roof block by raising his arms above his head to symbolize a roof.

ROOFED!! can often be heard from players on both sides of the court.
dude you just got fucken ROOFED
by balvball January 17, 2011

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