One of the best engines ever made by Ford. Can be found in Mustangs and the like.
That 92 Mustang LX has a 5.0 in it.
by eightyfour February 28, 2004
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Oh No! 5-0! Get the fcuk out of ere! Run!
by Doug December 03, 2004
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The Police.

50, pronounced "five oh", means the cops. It comes from the cop show Hawaii 5-0, and IT HAS JACK SHIT TO DO WITH MOTHERFUCKING CROWN VICTORIA'S, YOU STUPID MARK!!
by Carl Johnson December 14, 2004
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slang for police, originated from the TV show "hawaii five-0" (apparently a show about cops)
"5-0 at the do, gotta go" -cradle to the grave
by chris January 01, 2004
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Term commonly used to quickly alert a house full of underage, intoxicated party goers that the cops have showed up and to exit the property via the back fence, or to let your crazed friend driving to know a cop is around and to slow it down.
Oh crap man, 5-0 hide the weed, quick drink the rest of the keg.
by ImportDayz December 23, 2002
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the police, cops, FBI what ever. the person who comes to bust you
by matt March 11, 2004
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