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Short beard stubble on a man's face that has grown since the morning shave, usually experienced towards the end of the day.
Can be used to describe a man who looks scruffy, overworked/tired, hung-over or rugged.

"Rough night last night? Got that 5 o'clock shadow."
by StephenCarr October 18, 2005
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When you purposely walk in on your brother jerking off while your jerking off.
"I had that Paris Hilton video going in my room while I was cranking one out, when my older brother bill-dog walked in on me while he was beating off and laughing like a maniac! Bill-dog hit me with the worst 5 o'clock shadow! I was so embarrassed!"
by normal dude September 12, 2009
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When, somehow, a little bit of shit ends up on the underside of the tip of a penis.
When a man sitting on a toilet after takin a crap wipes his ass from back to front. And without realizing it brushes his soiled tissue under the tip of his penis. As his partner later on unzips and strips him, he or she, while looking at his unit straight in the eye, notices a 5 oclock shadow.
by JimmyT October 15, 2005
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An abundance of pubic hairs that have collected on the rim or bowl of a toilet or urinal.
Yo! Someone needs to shave the pisser man, its got a nasty 5 o'clock shadow.
by nate_j_y December 06, 2005
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