Similarly to 4:20, the official time to begin drinking. Only applicable during weeknights as any time is the right time to drink on weekends.
Jeff: Want a beer dood?
Chapstick: ...This early in the day?
Jeff: It's 5:20, dawg
Chapstick: Oh ok, I'll have one.
by Chapenstein February 28, 2012
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The holiday to eat magic mushrooms. May 20th. Similar to how 3/14 is Steak & BJ day when a man treats his woman good on 2/14 Valentines day.

4/20 is the holiday for weed so 5/20 is the holiday for magic mushrooms!
It's 5/20.. its time to eat some Beautiful Words Magic mushroom bars!
by BWfunguy April 21, 2022
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The numbers of the letters of the alphabet that spell the word "settle" as in "settle down". By saying this to someone, they will stop doing whatever they are doing to figure out what the numbers mean, thus settling down.
Guy 2: 19-5-20-20-12-5
Guy 1: Wait, what? *starts counting*
by veronicalovin October 24, 2009
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An ad you see on Urban Dictionary. This "quiz" is misleading in many ways...
First, the quiz isn't 20 questions long. it's in fact 73 questions long, it isn't even a multiple of 5!
Second, most of the questions aren't that tricky. When you click on this quiz, you're expecting hard AF questions, but in reality, you just get questions like "what is the biggest country in the world". Everyone knows it's Russia!
Third, the last question "What country does spinach pie come from?" doesn't show an explanation at the end. It instead jumps straight to your score, so that's a problem for inconsistency!
Finally, no matter what score you get, you always end up with the rank "Very VIP", even if you get everything wrong! So it doesn't actually tell you how smart you are and is nowhere near an actual IQ test.
So no. Don't play it. It isn't what it seems.
Urban Dictionary ad: "Your IQ Is Over 140 If You Get Even 5/20 On This Quiz"
Me: No. You're a liar!
by Hoodie_Devil February 12, 2022
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