A socially accepted rule that states a piece of food or edible meterial can safely be eaten if it is dropped on the ground for no more than five seconds.
The kitchen procedures (modified 60 second rule) of the San Remo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
by Sn00p July 10, 2004
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A myth that says that if you drop food on the floor, and pick it up within 5 seconds then it's okay to eat. But research done at University of Illinois has disproved this, and says that food picked up in under 5 seconds had a significant amount of bacteria on it.
"Ewwwww! Your gonna eat that? It's been on the floor!!" "Yeah, 5 second rule."
by JoeB24 May 05, 2007
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1. When you're having sex with a pregnant woman and the fetus falls out onto the floor, you have 5 seconds to get it back in or else you must eat it.

2. When you trip and fall on the ground and your homie yells "5-second rule" and starts eating your ass.
1: Guy: Uh oh honey, it just popped out! My bad!

Girl: Well I guess you have 5 seconds to put Cleetus back in.

Guy: Oh, right the 5-second rule!

Oops it's too late now.
*Shoves Cleetus down his throat*

Girl: *Cries*

2: Bro 1: Watch out, your dick's untied.

Bro 2: *trips on dick and faceplants*

Bro 3: 5-second rule!

Bro 1 and 3: Start eating Bro 2's ass.
by Mike Hawksmall December 16, 2019
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The window time a hot female has to make her point before a guy shifts his attention to her rack.
Hot Girl:I just read this book on feminist movement and realized how poorly men have treated women over the past century.

Hot Girl:Hey! Are you listening to me!

Guy:Oh! I'm sorry babe 5 second rule.
by Midorisan May 09, 2012
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A highly scientific finding that says that germs need at least five seconds to jump on food that falls on the floor, enabling the person who dropped said food to pick it up and safely consume it, as long as they do so within five seconds of dropping it.
"Hey dude, that cookie's still OK to eat, the five second rule's in effect."
by dungbeetle July 10, 2004
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The 5 second rule is used to suggest that food that has fallen on the ground/floor is still fine to eat, as long as it has only been there 5 seconds or less.

Commonly the rule is simply extended to however many seconds is necessary to declare the food still edible (ex: 20-second rule).
"Aww crap, I dropped my hot dog on the ground." "It's alright: 5 second rule."
by p14nd4 July 11, 2004
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A widely known rule used to make morons feel better about eating off of the ground. Supposedly the food god protects all food for 5 seconds after it touches the ground. After which the food god will become angry and infest it with cooties.
Moron: Oh noes my sammich!
Food god: Hurry, pick it up. 5 second rule!
~5 seconds later~
Moron: ...What?
Food god: I am angered! I shall infest your sandwich with cooties!!
by I r mime May 13, 2007
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