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The internet's incestuous rape fantasy pairing of tumblr and 4chan.

Most likely because tumblr kids have daddy issues and anonymous being... well, it's /b/ what can we say?

When 4chan's 'raid' of Tumblr resulted in the realisation that their sexual tension would be best resolved in angrysex fanart and there really is no escaping Rule 34, 4chumblr was born.

Also known as tum/b/lr.
“You’re late,” spat 4Chan, it’s voice venomous. “I know,” responded Tumblr, “but at least I’m fashionably so.” It gave the older website a cheeky smile. 4Chan grimaced. “I don’t think you understand how much I hate you,” it whispered, with as much menace as it could possibly muster, “your users are the cancer killing the internet. If it weren’t for our desire to build better public relations, we would never have been willing to discuss this truce with you.”

“Come now, Channy,” said Tumblr “we aren’t really all that different.” It paused for a moment and looked down at its shoes. Upon looking up again to meet 4Chan’s gaze, its eyes were glassy and its pupils appeared dilated. “Some of us,” breathed Tumblr “even admire your outrageous sense of humor, meme taste-making abilities, and abundance of cat macros. If anything, we’re jealous of you.” Before it could form any kind of response, 4Chan’s mouth was seized up by Tumblr’s in a passionate crushing of lips. The younger site kissed with the kind of longing born from buying into the sentiments of too many Bright Eyes songs. With horror, 4Chan found itself reciprocating, even fisting its hands in Tumblr’s hair. When the two finally broke apart, the younger site whispered, “Come on baby, let’s find a room. I wanna /b/one you all night long,” and for the first time, 4Chan found itself lacking the definition of air.
-4chumblr from the internet
by 4chumblr November 14, 2010
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The hookup of 4chan and Tumblr(Like Brangelina). This resulted from a merging of sorts brought about by the "4chan Tumblr War," when someone posted "can we all stop the war and just have sex?"

Already a wide spread of near-porn has been made(and, according to Rule 35, actual porn is on its way), with Tumblr being a hipster girl, and 4chan a green Anon.
Dear lord, 4chumblr truly spells out the end of days.
by Suicidal Bastard King November 16, 2010
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4chumbler is the combined names of 4chan and Tumblr and it is used to describe the 'shipping' of the 4chan Anonymous man (a green, faceless man in a snazzy suit) and a Tumblr hipster (a teen girl with blue hair, hipster glasses and a tumblr icon hairclip) after 4chan anons threatened to invade and spam Tumblr blogs.
The fuck is 4chumblr?
by potterology- February 25, 2011
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