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Very liberal people, usually teenagers, who over analyze and over exaggerate political issues.
The Tumblr kids got our principal fired for saying something vaguely negative about Kylie Jenner.
by Kammander October 13, 2016
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an annoying child who thinks their life is terrible even though it is really great but they're too stupid to know
Tumblr Kid: You don't know what i have to go through

Friend of Tumblr Kid:Dude your being a tumblr kid
by mr.pepperoni May 22, 2016
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Said of a member of the generation z who is:
Depressed (or fakes it)
Lonely (or fakes it)
Very (unnecessarily) invested in fandom
LGBT (or fakes it)
And practices or had practiced some sort of art (or claims to but gave up after a week)
Note this term does not demand that someone possesses a tumblr log in
Why are you so surprised that I wrote this depressed fanfic? Iā€™m a tumblr kid
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