West 49 is a Canadian retailer of fashion, apparel, accessories, foot wear, as well as skateboards and skateboarding equipment, aiming towards teens (both male and female) and youths. They sell brands like Billabong, Element, Roxy, Circa and their own clothing line. It's a pretty good store, a little on the pricey side, though. They have an online store, but they don't ship internationally, and have sales often. They also raise money for cancer, which is pretty cool.
Boy: "Hey, they're having another sale at West 49!"
Girl: "Sweet! I was hoping to buy an Roxy t-shirt for a while now!"
by ItsAMeLuigio August 16, 2011
What Conor McGregor fans expected to happen in a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather
49-1 bitch!
by wapoloman August 28, 2017
Commonly known rule that states that all Rules must be read thoroughly before posting in any forum, chat, or Instant Messaging system.
Guy 1: "Dude, I just came from Fight Club..."
Guy 2: "Rules 1 and 2."
Guy 1: "What?"
Guy 2: "Rule 49."
by Trickard August 13, 2009

49 cent is used when talking about a poor ass gangsta that cant save a penny.
First guy: YO YO YO!!! IM 50 CENT!!!

Second guy: Yo bro...you GOTTA be jokin...you poor as hell dawg...you be more like...49 cent...the poor ss nigga from the hood who cant save a penny.
by Kyro April 20, 2005
A man that looks, talks, dresses and acts gay, yet has a very high kill count with the ladies. A guy that is 49% gay.
Dude 1: Man, I would have sworn that Bruce was gay, but he scores more than USA basketball in the Olympics.

Dude 2: Yeah, Bruce is a Homo 49!
by beerstudk February 21, 2010
49andCounting started in March, 2009 as a bunch of guys that barely knew eachother. Getting right to work, we quickly realized the love we have for playing together. All the way from Greg Ledbetter's drum skills and moving, captivating drum parts, to Tyler Ullman's break away bass lines, Dan Oliveau's deep, true lyrics and catchy lead guitar parts, and Kevin Shepherd's rhythmic, structural rhythm guitar input, 49andCounting is devoted to giving you a fun show, a song stuck and your head, and captured minds as you walk out of the venue's door.
49 and Counting should be up there with bands such as greenday, the foo fighters, and weezer.
by Leonard Hofstader January 6, 2010
As low as I have ever gone. Below 0 which is pretty low. -100 is suicide. 0 is devoid of happiness. 100 is all happiness.
Bryan sits at negative 49 for his life is near over.
by Bryan November 23, 2004