Just another GM motor that wishes it was a 427.
Man, I got a 455, but I'm thinkin of getting a Caddy 502, cause its bigger, and that means better, unlike that little 427 in that Vette that keeps blowin my doors off.
by fli gti December 9, 2004
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Calculator language for ASS, like 80085 is for BOOBS
Hey john, 80085 or 455?
by R_San January 5, 2022
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One mother f'er of a engine producing 500+ ft/pds of Torque. Used in many applications, from Land Barges to Marine and Industrial/Agricultural uses, including RVs.

Torque is King Period.

My Oldsmobile 455 doesn't need to rev Che\/y Boy, Torque will kick your a$$

My Cutlass just blew your Must@ng GT' s doors off.

What, my Gutlass Cutlass just outran your No\/a.. darn

by Dr. Oldsmobile July 11, 2008
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A general accepted rule about people on the internet being asses (455)
Mack:Dude this kid is flaming me cause he thinks he so tough sitting in a dark room with a computer in the safety of his home...
Vic:Well that's a Rule 455 right there.
by ShadowzB February 27, 2011
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Friend: D0 y0u 347 455?

You: y35, 1 347 455.
by consiiium April 17, 2017
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455 is a set of three numbers you cant type in chat or use as a dino name in Ark Survival Evolved because of unknown reasons
"so why is that banned"

"455 my guy"
by tatu141 July 28, 2021
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