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If you want answers, ask the 411 guy not the 4'11" guy.
Fred-I still don't know where the office is, but I made a lot of money today selling shit to kids.
Greg-Oh shit you talked to the 4'11" guy, that's Jon, you were supposed to talk to the 411 guy Pete.
by ToxicGarbageSlimeDude March 26, 2018
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When you want the information, call the 411 guy. When you want the misinformation, call the 4'11" guy.
Jon, you gave the misinformation again. If Zeke hadn't been so out of line, he would be noticed the way you used the same trick in an entirely new way on him. He should be called the 411 guy instead.
by ToxicGarbageSlimeDude May 07, 2019
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