A recces favorite. Consist mostly of arguing about silly things and who is out (most of the time it is pretty obvious. You waste more than half of your recces yelling with everyone. People just do NOT go out when they are supposed to. It is a waste of your recces with all the arguing and disagreements. On the other hand a pretty fun game. :)
Hey do you want to play 4-square with me at recces?
Not really
Why not
I dont know, everyone just argues the whole time and it is a waste of recess
by Artic Fox 5227 May 30, 2019
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you see that 4 Square over there i think he is black
by nigger paridice February 14, 2017
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The inability to get out of square four while playing four-square.
She got 4 squared so hard last night
by Grash0per February 8, 2018
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definitely means a handy from Jaycie Mingle
Jaycie is going to 4-square Adam today.
by youknowwho👀👀 April 27, 2020
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