4:3 Is a widely known Monitor Resolution in Competetive Games and is used by pros and amateurs.
It is widely used in games like CS:GO since it makes the heads of the enemies bigger and easier to hit.
Person 1: Wow 4:3 surely is ugly
Person 2: Still better than 16:9 for competetiv gaming
Person 1: True
by 4:3>16:9 September 24, 2020
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An aspect ratio found on 90's and 2000's monitors and older TVs. 16:9 is more popular nowadays due to it being wider, compared to 4:3 which is closer to a square but still far from being a perfect one.
Meh, 4:3 sucks for watching videos. Glad TVs switched to using 16:9
by Beanclad December 27, 2018
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these goddamn cocksuckin sons of bitches don't know
shit squat bout nuthin...!!!!
i ain't bout ta watch no damn art house film
filmed in hd in 4:3 aspect ratio...
full screen is for asshole lickin jackasses...
why can't all dvds come in 16:9 only?
makes me all pissy and shit when i accidentally get a movie in 4:3...
i may be pmsin like a lil bitch but
all the faggots who like their damn movies in 4:3 aspect ratio
can hit the zoom button on their dvd remote and it'll be full screen on their 4:3 tv...
the black bars on the top and bottom annoys the shit out of em...
4:3 ass lickin is a shame....cutting away the true composition of each shot...
all the blind motherfuckers will never get the feel for compositional design
the intention was meant....
maybe i'll never see....
have some class....take a bunch of film courses
please forward this message to any REAL AMERICAN
4:3 and i'll kick your ass
by Eazy-X April 4, 2008
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4/3 is the National Day for Heroine. It's kind of in the same sense of 4/20 except for the hardcores.
"Hey man, let's go celebrate 4/3. 420 is for lame people.
by RealNigga19 April 22, 2011
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Larry: Why did you tell Suzy?
Sam: (4(_)$3... I didn't think you'd mind.
by uban_dictionary July 12, 2006
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A common football (soccer) formation typically used by teams known for their attacking football. The numbers stand for 4 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackers, which gives the team more players in the attacking area than in the 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 formation. Teams playing with the 4-3-3 formation are often entertaining to watch, as more chances are created in both sides of the field.

When used from the start of a game, this formation is widely regarded as encouraging expansive play, and should not be confused with the practice of modifying a 4–4–2 by bringing on an extra forward to replace a midfield player when behind in the latter stages of a game.

In club football, the team that brought this formation to the forefront was the Ajax team of the early 1970s. Most teams using this formation now use the specialist defensive midfielder. FC Barcelona is the most famous recent example.
American: Hey, what formation is that soccer team playing? Is that 4-4-2?
European: No, it's clearly a 4-3-3, you can see they've got three strikers. And no, it's not soccer, it's football. As you can see, they use their feet to kick the ball. While your "football" players mainly use their hands.
American: So maybe we should call our game handball then?
European: Yes, that would be great. But it's already taken.
American: So what should we call it?
European: Maybe you should call it "some kind of rugby, but with massive protection"
by Howardinho July 29, 2010
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Cryptic way of saying: I love you.
Used by Mr. Fred Rogers on his children's variety show.
Hey hunny, 1-4-3.
by Logan Botzman December 1, 2003
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