hot butt sex. the 3 is a sideways butt. this might make it more clear:
or a european 7 with the line through it. goes into the 3. other variations include:
3-8, 3378
I had a 37with your grandmama. or: your cat 37'ed me. 37 goes on in prison. It's illegal to 37 your sister in 46 states.
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37 is what you get when you add 4, 13, and 20. Those numbers stand for the 4th, 13th, and 20th letters of the alphabet, better known as DMT.
420 is for a basic bitch, man. We got class my dude, we be rollin' on the 13th! Let's go rip a 37!
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by hbms November 13, 2016
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