The day that the cutest humans on earth are born.
Oh you were born on the 30th June ? That explains why your so darn cute:)
by Red-tractorboop April 13, 2021
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Don’t be rude if it’s a birthday but them a present. also national cuddle day because I said so

by Draco_malfoy_ugly April 14, 2021
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Fate : the day you should say thank you to the person you like but they don’t like you ! The fact u like them is such a point u should prove and show them . 😔 imagine if they liked u 😐
30th June: Fate is not real but thank you for making me realise why life is so different now u don’t feel the same x
by Grace lovey June 30, 2021
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The last day of pride month. It's day whereby u can kiss ur homophobic friend or whoever then say fuck you since now u have infected them with ur gayness lmao. Long live the gays
Bro 1: What day is it
Bro 2: Its 30th June
Bro 1: well shit
Bro 2: *kisses bro 1's homophobic ass*
by afellowhumanspecimen November 2, 2019
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Technoblade remembrance day a day to remember Technoblade and what he did for us and our child hoods
by Shadowslayer0107 July 2, 2022
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June 30

A day of beauty. A day of blessing. A day of happiness and joy. People born on this day are the world's gift. Their existences should be cherished. Their souls are pure and their smiles are rewards. Always keep them happy because when they're happy the world is a better place.
June 30th is an amazing day isn't it.
by Lodalan October 15, 2019
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