Zoe was born.
Bitch I love you
-what day is it?
by Evsot November 9, 2019
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a method of smoking a joint in which every member of the circle takes three serrupticiously and holds them all,passes, and then two,passes, and then one,passes, and lets out once the new round has started.
"that 3 2 1 was heeaaavy!"
by ike December 3, 2003
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A numerical relationship or statement most kindergarteners and younger elementary school students would reject as being an equation, because in their minds the “answer” or the “sum” must always be on the right side of an equation.
When grades 1–3 students don’t consider numerical liaisons like 3 = 2 + 1 and 1 = 3 – 2 as valid equations or mathematical sentences, their responses reveal a fair bit about their thinking processes.
by Fasters May 8, 2022
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A mathematical statement most grades K–2 students would disqualify as being an equation, thus revealing their partial understanding of the meaning of an equals sign, which has different meanings.
What percentage of elementary math students (and their teachers and parents) would claim that statements like 1 + 3 = 2, 3 + 2 = 1, and 2 × 3 = 1 aren’t equations, because the sum or product is incorrect?
by Fasters May 9, 2022
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This term is commonly used for the Volkswagen community to refer to three specific models on the MK4(99-05) line up.
The 3 is for the 337 model, the 2 is for the 20th anniversary model and the G is for the GLI model. All these models share the same engine and transmission and are commonly set apart from the rest due to their sportier looks.
Dude 1: Would this part fit my car?

Dude 2: Yes, as long as you own a 3/2/G.
by Boricua_aoc November 22, 2009
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