Suck your boy best friend dick until is cumming=))
X:hey its 3 january !happy suck ur boy bsf dick!
by Dreaming in hell January 3, 2022
People who are born on the january 3rd are very beautiful people. They are funny, savage, pretty, helpful and kind! You will definitely not regret being friends with them! They have a soft side and a baddie side.

Soft side: Very kind and helpful. Funny af, drop dead gorgeous and cheerful

baddie side: Savage, can be pretty mean and sexy
wow she is soooo hot!! I bet she is born on the january 3
by falash October 18, 2019
The day the coolest person was born. If you were born on this day u are probably the coolest person and everyone deserves to follow your bidding! So go out their and be fucking cool!!
by HerbasauresRex November 10, 2019
National dump snow all over a a boy named Jakes head day.
Faith: hey Jake

Jake: heyyyy
Faith: *pours snow all over Jakes head* haha
Jake: what was that for!?
Faith: it’s January 3rd.
by FafetaFall December 10, 2019
damn you were born on january 3rd? you must have the most massive dick
by bigdoinks79969 October 16, 2019
It’s the official girl in red day. Where you should only listen to girl in red songs (it isn’t a strict rule because you can also listen to other songs but the more girl in red the better).

This date was oficially set by the dudettes in 2020.
Timmy - I can’t believe that it’s already January 3rd.
Peter- You know what that means...
Timmy- Um i don’t, what is it?
Peter- It’s girl in red day!
Timmy- I completely forgot!!

Peter- Let’s listen to “girls”
by http.uwu January 5, 2020
Hey babe hey baby it's January 3rd let's kiss
by Ilovenygf January 2, 2022