1) a gun of .22 calliber
2) sometimes referred to a 22 ounce bottle of liqour
3) underage kid's favorite age for their fake id
cop "how old are you son?"
16 year old "uhhh 22"
cop "you look like your 12"
16 year old "just buying some 22's officer"
cop "come with me"
by taiga199 August 22, 2007
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buy the domain for your diy site
Zigzags or rolling papers. Each 2 represents a z, and can be used to keep a cover on what you're actually trying to do
"Hey while you're at the store can you grab me a pack of 22's? We need something to smoke."
by stellato4 January 11, 2008
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a very annoying phrase used by retards describing how fast something is going to be done
"im going to abercombie ill be back in 2.2"
by ben April 01, 2005
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the act of having sex.

Sex was seen as entry #22 of a list on relationship building strategies. Many wondered why it was not #1.

Alone is 11.

twice is 44.

44 has also been used to mention the act of 22 with 4 or more consenting adults.
Hey honey, let's put the kids to bed and go have some 22.

This party is getting dull, let's slip away into a dark corner for some 22.

Do you want to see if that couple over there wants to 44?
by mightyacorn January 14, 2010
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A number after 21 and before 23
Also an annoying song recorded by former country- now pop artist Taylor Swift
And keep dancing like we're- 22!
by Someone who's smarter than you December 23, 2014
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The number seen often that symbolizes best friends. When seeing a 22 on random objects or at random times, you should stop and inform your best friend that you are thinking of them.
Best Friend #1: Orders Starbucks and the bill totals $4.22
Best Friend #2: Received a picture on their cell phone of the bill and thinks "Ohhhh, my best friend is thinking of me"
by Kim1Champ August 02, 2010
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