A pathetic excuse for a guy to pry about a girl's sex life.
Boy: Let's play 21 Questions!
Girl: Sure! What's your favorite color?
Boy: Blue, are you a virgin?
by kjprizzy September 14, 2017
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21 questions is a game you play when you are on a dating web site and want to make yourself sound a lot better to the person you're trying to hook up with.
Hey, let's play 21 questions so I can lie about myself to you!
by Chillybluntman March 11, 2015
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The facebook app where you get 10-70 answers each week.
This is SO friggin' annoying. 21 Questions is filling up my notifications! >:O
by RawroRawr February 4, 2012
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a game were you ask each other personal questions, much like the game 20 questions
wanna play 21 questions
by ambey May 21, 2008
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50 cent's song !!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I'll ask 21 questions and they all about us."
by ~*50 fan*~ June 30, 2003
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