in refrence to Riot games talking about how they have 200 colective years of game design. Used to talk about overcomplicated, overtuned, or overpowered mechanics in games like League of Legends, Valorant, or TFT
"Samira is the peak of Rito's 200 years at work"
by Garden Guardian September 30, 2020
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Longer version: 200+ collective years of professional game design experience.
Used by gamers, especially Riot Games players at any game highlights created by one or some over-powered characters.
Origins: First used by ... a Riot employee, Lutzburg. In a debate on Twitter between him and a player who only plays Wukong on whether Wukong is a too weak character or not, Lutzburg used their term in a tweet, which immeadiately turned into a meme. The reason? Not only had Riot Games just released an extremely over-powered character named Aphelios into League of Legends, but also Riot has always been struglling with balancing League of Legends with unbelievably numerous complains about characters being over-powered or stronger than nothing but a minion.
On stream, a player who used Aphelios just instantly killed a full-health enemy with his ultimate move.
Twitch chat: 200 years
by esportsexpert February 20, 2020
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