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To League of Legends players, it means a teleport is so bad that the teleporter, once landed, will immediately die.
Origin: A disatrous teleport used by a player named "LEP". On 26th Sep, 2014; LEP's team, Kabum faced Cloud9 for a match in 2014 League of Legends World Championship. At 16:32 of the game, LEP teleported into a place surrounded by 3 members of Cloud9. Not only was he using Lulu, a squishy champion/character; but he also had withstand several turret shots during Teleport channeling, which resulted in his low health. As a result, once he landed, he immediately vanished.
It can also be said: teLEPort, with stress on "le"
Player A successfully did a LEP.
Player B: Did you just teLEPort?
by esportsexpert February 20, 2020
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Longer version: 200+ collective years of professional game design experience.
Used by gamers, especially Riot Games players at any game highlights created by one or some over-powered characters.
Origins: First used by ... a Riot employee, Lutzburg. In a debate on Twitter between him and a player who only plays Wukong on whether Wukong is a too weak character or not, Lutzburg used their term in a tweet, which immeadiately turned into a meme. The reason? Not only had Riot Games just released an extremely over-powered character named Aphelios into League of Legends, but also Riot has always been struglling with balancing League of Legends with unbelievably numerous complains about characters being over-powered or stronger than nothing but a minion.
On stream, a player who used Aphelios just instantly killed a full-health enemy with his ultimate move.
Twitch chat: 200 years
by esportsexpert February 20, 2020
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