When Riot games has 200 years of Gaming design
Girl: *Plays Aphelios*
Everybody in the game: 200 Years
by RiotShitClient November 8, 2020
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New marksman for League Of Legends. He has 5 weapons and doesn't have an e skill..
Did you see what Aphelios did?
by Gkslxd December 2, 2019
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He is a wonderful person, he may need guidance but when he knows what's right he will stand for it. He is a sweetheart to people he loves and he has a good sense of justice.
He is a lil competitive at times but his a fair fighter.
He will be a great parter to whomever he'll love, he is faithful to his most beloved.
He is a fun guy to his friends the life of the party, but he also just wants time to himself or with his family.
Hey aphelios! You made my day bro. Thanks!
by ILoveMyselfAsIShould June 9, 2021
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