I have a 20/20 Vision about what I want to be when i grow up.
by 20/20 Vision February 21, 2018
20/20 Vision is when you take someone's nipples (preferably a girl) and align them so you can stick both of them onto your eyeballs. Thus having 20/20 vision of their tits.
Hey dude, I totally had 20/20 vision of Maria last night after the party.
by mootles24 November 2, 2013
1) a rare phenomenon that happens when a person wakes up and can see perfectly without the aid of glasses/contacts

2) a youtube channel that tricked half the population into thinking that they could predict celebrities deaths.
1) person 1: yeah i have 20-20 vision!

person 2: dude…you’re incredible!

2) person 1: hey have u seen that channel that predicts the future? it’s called 20-20 vision!

person 2: um…who’s gonna tell him
by lmaoig April 13, 2022