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the only reason why you would be searching this is….
a: you have seen those retched health videos about cpr

b: you are the class of 2022 at tws
by lmaoig April 13, 2022
a middle aged for some reason kinda cute, sleep deprived british man that has a sleeping disorder who is also a guy named marc spector who is also a guy named moon knight? talk about having multiple personalities!!
person 1: omg have u seen the new marvel show moon knight?
person 2: yeah i love it! who’s ur favorite character?
person 1: oh definitely steven grant
by lmaoig April 13, 2022
yes. it is a fish. i know, it’s weird.
guy 1: hey dude look at that fish over there
guy 2: that’s a seahorse

guy 1: yeah that’s what i said.
by lmaoig March 21, 2022
stop procrastinating and get ur work done. yeah i’m talking to you behind the screen.
by lmaoig July 7, 2022
1) a rare phenomenon that happens when a person wakes up and can see perfectly without the aid of glasses/contacts

2) a youtube channel that tricked half the population into thinking that they could predict celebrities deaths.
1) person 1: yeah i have 20-20 vision!

person 2: dude…you’re incredible!

2) person 1: hey have u seen that channel that predicts the future? it’s called 20-20 vision!

person 2: um…who’s gonna tell him
by lmaoig April 13, 2022
A large long pillow single people like to have to make them feel happier.
Person 1. Dude I just saw my friend hanging out with this girl. I’m so lonely

Person 2. Bro. Just buy a body pillow. It will solve all your problems.
by lmaoig March 1, 2022