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The ancient celebration of 2/20. Nobody really knows exactly when it began, some say 1995, others believe its more ancient than that. The day is usually celebrated similar to a birthday party, with whatever festivities one desires. The most common celebratory party favors included but are not limited to: any flavor flavor and style ice cream and cake, various forms of cannabis, calling out of work/school, bouncy houses, drinking copious amounts of alcoholic beverages. If you have never celebrated 2/20, you really should consider making it an annual event on your calendar and enjoying the festivities. Your friends will enjoy it too.
David, "Hey Sam, are you going to Dustin's 23rd annual 2/20 Bash?"
Sam, "Are you kidding!? I'm the co-host this year!"
David, "That's awesome!"
Hot Female, "Ohh! A 2/20 Party? I haven't attended on of those in forever, may I come?"
Sam, "Yeah, the more the merrier."
David, "This is going to be the best 2/20 yet!"
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by Rhyme&Reason February 13, 2018
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