1. A waste of 30 seconds of your life.

2. A completely uninteresting piece of news.

3. Coporate Bullshit.

Comes from deviantart, where notices known as "hot topics" are labelled as "H" in your messages. They're almost always completely uninteresting, lame promotions, and a total waste of time.
"You dragged me out here for this? Dude, you 1H'ed me!"

"Chechnya went 1H after a few years"

"Why is it that whenever I send a letter of complaint to some company, I get a load of 1H back?"
by Humphro April 4, 2005
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1H is a group. A group of friends that always stick together through the good and the bad times.
1H is a place you can feel safe and relaxed. Sure, you might be made fun of in the group but you’ll also make fun of someone else. There are no hard feelings in this group, just love and friendship.
Being a part of 1H is something rather extraordinary.
by Pawpatrolliver May 22, 2022
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