"If you from the hood you know any nigga named Jon Jon is dangerous. This nigga ain't no different. He got a metal plate and his jaw and he beat up a Pitbull. A lot of niggas ain't believe that, Specifically a nigga named jay. So he tried Jon Jon. Hit him right in his jaw. That nigga's hand was never the same". -The Hood Avatar
Jay: "Jon Jon Talking bout he gon slap the fuck outta me? okay lets see then.
Leland: You talking bout Jon Jon? The nigga who beat up a Pitbull with his bare hands and got a metal plate in his jaw.
by Tots_ March 12, 2022
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A man who is very handsome, has a great personality, has the ability to get a lot of girls, flirts a lot, many girls like and would love to get with, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, has a good sized penis, very funny and can make any type of person want to become friends with them.
"I'm such a loser, i wish i was a jon jon."
by Johnny Hobkins April 9, 2009
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man with metal plate in his jaw and fought a pitbull
"Jon Jon? You Talkin about that nigga with the metal plate in his jaw?"

"Fought a pitbull with his bare hands Jon Jon?"
by Sir. Sparky March 13, 2022
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Dude lets go do something!
- Idk guys i'm really tired and my head hurts.
-Not tonight.
You are being a complete The Jon Jon.
by AppleEater123 July 12, 2011
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Smoking a cigarette all the way to the filter, and then possibly attempting to smoke the filter. Originated in Cedar, BC.
"Ew, shit, smoke that cigarette like a person. Why are you Jonning it?"
by foolishwun June 16, 2009
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Jonning/To be Jonned is when a close friend almost completely looses contact with the rest of a close knit group. This phrase was first used by black Somalians in inner city slums in places such as East and South East London, Compton, New York and Ashford.
Ananta: "wheres our boy Elliot gone these days?"
Adam W: "Ahhh hes Jonned us man"
Ananta: "What the fuuck! That G is Jonning us? He was one of our closest boys"
Josephy Kylea Jr: "Shit man, it happens to the best of us sumtimes."

Jonning/To be Jonned
by ThaRealestMuhfucka July 6, 2009
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