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Rule 190 states the Bob sizes with origins coming from the YouTube video "I got this new anime plot." Boob size increases with every level.
Level 1- Boobs
Level 2- Honkers
Level 3- Badonkers
Level 4- Dobonhonkerors
Level 5- Dohoonkahhankoloos
Level 6- Tonhongerekoogers
Level 7- Bonkhonagahoogs
Level 8- Hungolomghonoloughongous
Guy 1- Hey what cup size you think she is rocking because they are big..
Guy 2- Cup size can't even describe how big those jugs are...
Guy 3- Those are some HUMUNGOUS hungolomghonoloughongous!!!!
Guy 1 and 2- Wtf is that?
Guy 3- Rule 190
by XxPapaJohnN00bslayerxX September 24, 2018
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Never kiss a girl on the mouth. It means you have kissed every boy she has kissed or worse every cock she has preformed a felatio upon. Suggestion is to get info from rule 188 before proceeding.
Guy- Ah man I can't wait to kiss my gf.
Friend 1- Rule 189
Friend 2- I'll invoke 188 just incase
by XxPapaJohnN00bslayerxX September 24, 2018
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The Thot patrol is the greatest and human service in the history of mankind and you should talk to them if you need info on any girl. You know they are coming because their sirens plays XXXTentacion Yung Bratz.
Guy- Yo!Did I tell you about my new girl? She hot right?!
Freind 2- I call upon rule 188!
Freind 2 - Hey man your girl is a thot and she is going to play you hard. Don't worry I already called the thot patrol to arrest her!
*Yung Bratz plays in the distance*
Freind 2- lol rule 188
by XxPapaJohnN00bslayerxX September 24, 2018
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