A person that has completely performed a complete opposite turnaround of the person they once used to be
Man, ever since Jimmy became a foreman, he's been a complete 180 for pushing harder than he pulls
by nukelife April 05, 2016
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(v.) To turn around in one's attitude and actions.

(v.) When snowboarding, skating, bmxing or similar, a 180 is turning the medium around quickly.

Both definitions are from 180 degrees, a half-turn.
A) He did a complete 180 after the Germans attacked.

B) He pulled off a 180.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 07, 2004
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n. a level 4 maximum security design prison in California, as distinguished from a level 4-- 270. The cell block, or building, is divided into three sections, with a central control tower, giving the correctional officer a 180 degree view of All sections in the building, and affording no blind spots in which an inmate might commit an act of violence. All SHU (security housing unit) buildings, and typically all SHU kick out yards, are 180 design.
I did my whole T-number on the 180.

After I did that stabbing, the committee gave me 16 points, now I have level 4 points, and my gang enhancement and SHU terms qualify me for the 180.

I've got 180 points. (adjectival use)

That fool ain't no reg, he's a poo-butt--ain't never even been on the 180.
by The Mad Grammarian December 19, 2017
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Used alot in skiing and snow boarding. Spinning 180 degrees, to face the opposite way.
"Dude, I Pulled a smooth 180 off that jump"
by Snips July 28, 2003
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High-IQ woman from Yale, or some other "good" school, who's also a ho 'tween the sheets.
Barbie Doll, a 180 honey in sling-back kicks and a spray-on Armani, walks in the bar, hip-checks the bouncer . . . heads don't just turn, they whiplash. . . .
by William Dean A. Garner August 28, 2003
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When you go through a personality change caused from getting too close with someone. You can get so attached with someone beyond comprehensible that you cut them off completely. Sometimes you can cut them off to avoid attachment instead
The NugThugs sometimes get so close in the group chat that they 180 each other.
by nanicakexxxx June 15, 2014
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When a girl has an ass so big it appears to be 180°(half-circle)
Yo did you see her ass it was a total 180
by NiggaDownTheBlock October 13, 2016
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