A documentary film about four men in a jail with a recording studio in Richmond, Virginia.
Lay down my pain in these 16 Bars.
by '93 til Infinity March 19, 2019
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The amount of bars of music that one rap verse takes up. A rap verse.
You know I had to drop my 16 bars on that joint.
by Pomegranate July 4, 2006
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16 bars is 32 lines of music. It is used by most MCs and underground rappers. KRS-1 really took 16 bars to a new level.
You can win money by posting your 16 bars at www.my16bars.com
by logan dougy October 8, 2008
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Noun. Slang. Literally means 16 lines of rap music off the top of your head.
Hey bro! Sup? Gimme 16 bars off the noggin! Wym? I mean gimme 16 bars of rap music off the top of your head!
by B-rizzle August 30, 2019
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