a person who sees the synchronicity in coincidence, usually through the repeated observance of the time and number, 11:11 (1111), though other numbers can be substituted for fixation.

a member of a growing phenomenon of people who fixate on the number 11:11, while believing it fixates on them. usually starts as a personal obsession, before finding out they are not alone in their number preference, or its preference for them.
by michael December 15, 2004
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The time of the day where you make a wish and post it on a black picture with the time on snapchat. People usually add a caption, which hints towards their wish. The most used topic for 11:11 is your crush or girlfriend/boyfriend. If it's your crush, then good luck trying to get them, as it's one of the ways to not get a girlfriend/boyfriend.
Guy 1: Hey look! It's 11:11! I wish for the girl that I like!
Guy 2: Don't you also mean the one that you aren't going to get, if you keep this up?
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by JoeyTK November 12, 2017
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A time in the day where the music Demi-God Sparkles* of Area 11 deemed it appropriate to deploy a song by Area 11. This tradition can be carried on by anyone as long as the guidelines are maintained.
"It's 11:11 better play Vectors"
by eleven10202 March 03, 2013
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When people spam your feed letting the whole world know you’re crushing/dating someone and you want the whole world to know
11:11- omg. He’s so cute.

11:11- omg. Did you hear what my boyfriend did for me today? It was so cute!
by Imagine.dragons.lover January 24, 2018
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1) 11 hours, 11 minutes after midnight, or in the USA, 10. The only time of day when all 4 digits are the same number.
2) Supposedly, the luckiest time of day.
1) I was getting lucky with Steve's {mom} at 11:11.
2) During {biology}, everyone has to mention when it's 11:11, and to make a wish.
by ImWatchingYouPoop! January 20, 2011
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If you look at a clock at exactly 11:11, and have not checked the time since before 11:00, then you can make a wish. Once your wish is made, look away from the clock immediately. Your wish will not come true if you see the time change to 11:12. The next time you look at a clock it should read 11:13. If you miss 11:13, your wish will not come true.
by TheNuminous April 07, 2007
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