Being of a cute and/or adorable countenance that is at better than perfect quality. Particularly in regards to puppies and dogs.
Look at that golden retriever puppy dressed as a scientist! He's doing such a good job. 11/10 good boy!
by Ripley426 April 10, 2017
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The national time for pleasuring yourself or others. Rumored to have started some time in the 1930's by Dr. Phillip Rufhousen and Mistress Devlin Coathanger as an occasional "meet and greet" in the mistresses house. It later turned into a local community orgy and eventually evolved into a national time for sexual pleasure.
Man- "Its 11:10! Time for the daily fuck session!"
Woman- "Oh my! Your right! Let me get the towel!"

by SPFATS October 27, 2008
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when you recommend something so much you wanna rate it more than the limit.

or when you liked something so much you would watch it more likely than the limit.
that book is great 11/10 would recommend.
that movie was awesome, 11/10 would watch again.
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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When four people have intercourse - three of which are men - and each penis (1, 1, and 1) is inserted into one orifice (usually being that of a woman (0)).
by emogirls_1&3 October 22, 2010
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Them low-cost airlines is the work of the devil.
Them low-cost airlines is the work of the devil, corinthians 2: 10-11
by Luxo108 June 24, 2022
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"10 11 12 13 are my favorite number and yes i am so bored that i found out my favorite numbers"
by idk i am bored January 22, 2021
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A breed of humans that has somehow evolved to carry the annoying trait. These Trinity terds that won't flush tend to dress in neon, 80s shwag and think that the library is only for socializing.
Oh god, there's a ton of GXD PC 10-11ers on the 3rd floor of the library today. I would recommend going to the 4th floor, away from the human rodents.
by RudeBoyBass May 6, 2011
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