Don't judge people by their age. Some 11 year olds are actually better than teens. All those horny cunts on youtube have

given the rest of the world's 11 year old population a bad reputation. Others are actually pretty nice. don't stereotype people for their age. remember, if you're about to make fun of one, just think that bitch you were 11 once too
person 1: omfl 11 year olds are horny fucking under aged shits
person 2: not all of them are, you were 11 once too you bastard
by 1klix1 July 21, 2019
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A child that is in the middle of growing into woman-hood/man-hood, but is still considered a child. And don't think all 11 year olds are idiots, because that is just extremely absurd and stupid.
Jimmy is an 11 year-old. He likes to play football and takes part in the art after school club.
by Mumra207 August 31, 2018
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a person that isn't horrible just because they are 11

and no, they aren't all immature and weird
just because they are younger than you doesn't mean anything and don't pick on them because they can't control their age. if you do pick on them because they've been on this earth for 11 years, you are an ageist :)
11 year old: hey! how are you.
someone older: ew, get away from me 11 year old.
11 year old: just because im 11 doesn't mean anything. and i cant control when i was born.
someone older: whatever
by heyyyhowyoudoing February 08, 2021
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A person filled with immature childish-ness. In rare cases however, they CAN be more mature than your average teenager. However, that maturity may wear off and theyll end up as mature as average teenagers. Often spend alot of their time on Flipnote Hatena creating either total crap or masterpieces, Facebook, trying to keep their parents from reading the section of Help that says anyone under 13 cant have an account, and youtube, watching videos of gameboys exploding. Often their musical tastes can be from the usual teen music tastes, to listening to only one song: Harder Better Faster Stronger Really, if you think ALL 11 year olds are giant bags of immaturity, you're horribly mistaken. And you're horribly mistaken about teens too. They can be mature too.
John: Wanna hang out with that 11 year old over there?
David: No, dumbass, his stupid and immaturity might poison us.
John: Hey, asshole, you were 11 once. This kid might be one of those more-mature-than-us 11 year olds.
David: Ugh, i just cringe at the THOUGHT!
by Theasdfguy August 12, 2010
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People older than 10, but younger than 12. Typically, they own webhosting companies.
11 year old: omg onemegabite hosting for $550590 A MONTH!!!!
by Sam October 10, 2005
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11 year olds are not fucking assholes and they shouldn't ever be considered as sacs full of immaturity and childishness. 11 year olds aren't children either since adolescence starts at age 10, and what's the point of calling these innocent preteens immature if they know 100 ways to masturbate? That is literally the definition of mature nowadays and us adults are total hypocrites to call these people immature while having us be considered fucking mature since we swear far more than them.
John: Hey you see those dumbass, immature 11 year olds complaining about life over there?
Ethan: You're the motherfucking immature one to call him immature. We swear just as much as this poor adolescent.
John: Adolescent? This bitch is a chil
by dudeonurbdick December 08, 2020
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Somebody who was born in 2010 if they are in the year 2021. No need to insult them, you can't change their age.
A: haha look at that 11 year old. He's such an idiot.
B: So?
A: He's Underaged LMAO
B: What are you gonna do? Change their age you dumb sausage?
by whendidiaskeduropinion May 29, 2021
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