3 definitions by Der Kapitan

Drinking to a point where you are not impaired but have lost some feeling in the body to gain an edge in a fight.

Drinking to not feel physical pain.
Man 1: come on we need to get to the field for the rumble

Man 2: hold on I need to get my combat buzz first

Even though Mike hit Dan repeatedly in the stomach and face Dan did not feel it because of his combat buzz.
by Der Kapitan October 15, 2006
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Someone who fights well using a combat buzz. Someone who drinks a limited amount of alchohol to gain an edge in a fight.
Guy 1: holy shit why can't anyone hurt him?

Guy 2: because hes a mother fucking 100 proof warrior
by Der Kapitan October 16, 2006
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People who lack the mental power to read. Having this mental disability causes them to lash out at other people with the same disability. They have to wear colors to recognize who is on their side because they cannot tell friends from enemies. They pretend to be tough but are such big pussies they will not go anywhere without a large number of people wearing the same colors.

When they fight they hold their guns diagonal towards the sky with one arm out and move their wrist downwards to point the gun (this is known as holding it "ghetto stlye" and is the trademark of their mental inability which causes a 200% drop in accuracy) at opposing gangs or police.
50 (or fiddy) cent and Snoop Dogg both claim to be from the bloods and crips.

50 cents inability to read and Snoop Doggs missing teeth support this claim.
by Der Kapitan October 17, 2006
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