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Is the old way that new drivers were instructed (before the airbag advent) to place their hand at the steering wheel. I.e.: The left hand in "10" (clock position) and the right in position of "2".
Instructor: "Once you had the engine working, engage the first gear, and drive with your hands 10 and 2."
by Tioz√£o October 12, 2015
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A band from south jersey whose name pops up in everyday life. No matter where you go there will always be something that presents these 2 numbers. You can not escape it, nor can you escape the anger that comes with realizing you've been subjected to them.
Dude 1: Excuse me, could i get a 10 and 2 5's for this.
Dude 2: Aww man are you serious? 10 and 2 I fucking hate you.
by d00fal00f July 06, 2010
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