Used to tell another officer to stop transmitting and change channels, usually to one more secure.
Person one: 10 3, go to uhf secure, over.

Person two: Roger that.
by Solja May 07, 2006
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when a kid could not guard the person in basketball in score on him in took his ankles
Hey, 10-3 BIATCH
by AntKiiDD May 23, 2019
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The score of the Stratford v. Memorial Varsity Football game, signifying the end of an age and the beginning of the Apocalypse. Often used to mock the uglies, aka Memorial Mustangs.
by The Minority January 04, 2004
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A shortened term for a "10 pound sausage in a 3 pound casing".
In reference to someone wearing clothing so tight that flesh pours out.
That's a total 10/3!
by ClothesGirl October 17, 2007
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An Act of which one does something or someone with out though,

Also it maybe the finished product of over thinking.
"Dude why did you sleep with that chick last night?"

"Fair enough"
by TheXXXbear September 30, 2009
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From the movie 3:10 to Yuma. To 3:10 someone is to stab them in the back with a fork in the dark.
"Yo dude, my wife was nagging me about doing the dishes, so I totally 3:10'd her last night."

"You won't like me when I'm angry, I 3:10 people when I'm angry."
by allmostawesome January 18, 2012
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