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The act of fighting/punching someone. Often followed with the 3-4 McGregor. Popularized by the NELK boys.
Buddy was talkin' shit, had to give him the 1-2 Mayweather
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by Miguel Viper April 23, 2018
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An absolutely legendary phrase. You know what it means. Can be used in tandem with β€œ3 4 McGregor" for extra emphasis.
Alexa: Dude I hit β€˜em with the 1 2 Mayweather!
Josephina: Damn that’s tiiiiiight!
Maddi: What the hell is a 1 2 Mayweather? You guys sound stupid.
Eva: C’mon, you should know by now. It’s the 1 2 Mayweather, and it’s the greatest. *Mic Drop*
by AT-ATLien May 03, 2018
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When two people fight and one of them ends the fight in a two hit combo. Occasionally followed by the 3 4 McGregor.
1.Did you see Dominick finish that guy off with the 1 2 Mayweather?

2.I’m about to hit you with the 1 2 Mayweather.
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by Vt_Kobe August 04, 2019
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