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Phone number for HastingsDirect: A british car insurance company with a memorable advert of a seagull and statue discussing the benefits of the company before the seagull sings the catchy number in a made up tune with a noticeable gap between '0800' and '1066'.

Also used as a call and response method to find a british person in a foreign country. Simply shout 'oh eight hundred double oh' and wait for the responding '10 66' more than likely coming from the local pub or chippy. No proper british person can resist the urge to respond.

Warning: Catchy tune
0800 00 1066
*British lass/lad in foreign country*: 0800 00!!! *listens out*
*Random space in the crowd pint in hand*: 1066!!!
by Ponte_lass_0800_00... August 24, 2017
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