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Technology that at a quick glance would appear to be heavily taken from Java. It boasts, however, the ability to compile one program from source written in multiple languages (the primary choices being C#, Visual Basic and C++).

The fact that .NET is tightly bound to Windows somewhat lessens the practicality of .NET when compared to Java.

Like Java has Java Servlet Pages, .NET employs ASP.NET as it's server technology, which might be more attractive were it not tied down to both Windows and IIS, which has a less than desirable security history, when compared to Apache.
I have to download 23MB just to run 'Hello, World'?
by Snuffkin February 04, 2005
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.Net is what you say after a short phrase to make it more original and fun to say
Oh my!
Oh my
Oh my!
by NET12 May 23, 2010
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