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The .50 Action Express. A calibre of pistol ammunition first used by the Desert Eagle, which is manufactured by the gun company Magnum Research.
I blew that cunt away with my .50AE.
by David March 26, 2003
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The .50 Auto Express is currently the largest calibre of pistol ammunition measuring half an inch in diameter. It is extremely powerful and has an incredible penetrative power. It was designed by and is currently used exclusively in the Desert Eagle Pistol, manufactured by IMI, Israeli Military Industries.
The desert eagle .50AE can crack the engine block of a truck.
by JediAndi April 04, 2003
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As in most big bore weapons, the 50 AE is designed for more experienced shooters. With more power than the popular .44 magnum, you have to sacrafice the amount of ammunition in the magazine. 7+1. And for people who think its overkill to own a Desert Eagle chambered in this caliber, then just dont buy it. I hear of claims that it will generate too much penetration for self defense, and that it has no good purpose, but those that make these claims obviously have had either a bad experience while shooting one, or just too cheap to fork out the money for the ammo. but i also hear that a .357 mag will go through an engine block. i am still yet to see it. i doubt it will. thats a myth. so i say to those who down talk this great cartridge, bring your .357 and we'll see what round stops what first. I own a Mark XIX chambered in .50 and cant seem to find anything wich would deter me from using it in such a manner. its a good hunting round, and i shall use it for self defense, and carry it on a daily basis. the weight comes with the territory. Most people that shoot these for the first time usually tend to limp wrist the weapon and cause it to jam. they also tend to push up on the magazine wich in turn will cause it to jam. as far as calling it overkill, well thats rediculious. now shooting an assailant with a .50 bmg would be overkill. after all, its a pistol. and those that wish to disagree, then just dont buy it. after all, it serves its purpose respectivley, as do most firearms.
by Deep South Shootin August 04, 2009
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Obscenely powerful.
Want a handheld artillery piece? May I reccomend the IMI/MR Desert Eagle chambered in .50AE?
by Comrade Dmitri March 07, 2004
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