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How you respond to someone who asks you a stupid question. It signifies you've received their question but won't justify it with an answer
Question: Hey, is a straight line 180°?
Answer: ......
by Queen Eleanor February 08, 2017
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Five dots means someone has something to say, but they don't want to say it. Usually relating to having a crush or liking someone without wanting to tell them. Three dots (...) is just to fill silence when someone doesn't know how to continue a conversation. Four dots (....) are sent when someone asks a stupid question and will not be giving an answer.
Hey, what's up?
I'm good, too.
Hey what's Obama's last name again?
by Hidden Messages October 13, 2018
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like ... but it mean (hold on baby you know what to do) cough(nudes)cough
hey baby.....
by Guy With Cheeze May 22, 2018
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