Used as a whole sentence in internet language it oftens means acknowledgement of what has been said but without enough commitment to reply with an actual message.
<UnnamedPlayer>: OWNAGE! I just finished my mid-term exams!
<p1m>: who cares?
<0wen>: .
<pirla>: .
by b4silio March 03, 2007
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An extremely small drawing of a penis.
Debbie: So what did it look like
Laura: .
Debbie: Wow, no wonder he drives a pick up truck.
by minkmcfeeget September 30, 2009
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The . (period) is used to end a sentence. If you string thre of these together like so, "..." you get what resembles a pause.
This is the sentence, and here's the end.

Bob: "Why did you do that?"
Bob's son: "Um... uh... I... I don't know
by Mike October 14, 2004
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