Adj. (used in sarcasm as an intentionally unrealistic quality or state) Almost, but not quite; so close, yet so far away.
I do try to be on time, but alas, I am prompt-adjacent.
I sweep and mop every day, but my floors somehow remain clean-adjacent.
by DeFINE that, bitch January 22, 2020

1. lying near, close, or contiguous; adjoining; neighboring: a motel adjacent to the highway.

2. just before, after, or facing: a map on an adjacent page.

Our definition: Homo, "Gay", things of that nature. basically as less harmful way of calling one "Gay" such as "fags, faggots,dikes and all other rude and cruel things.

(also can be used for code talk)
examples: 1. he look adjacent wit dem jeans on. 2. wit yo adjacent ass. 3. damn its alot of adjacents around here. 4. Thats where all the adjacent folks hang at.
by Taheerah Hansen June 8, 2009
a type of word used to describe things next to other things
1. the runway was adjacent to the road
2. i am adjacent to the dog
by Nick February 24, 2005
Since “locals” are also used to describe boring people, “adjacents” would be the epitome of dry, basic ass people with no personality.
(Ex: adjacents):
“Did you see Mary send another vsco girl meme to the group chat thinking it’s still funny in October of 2019? What a local.”

“Local is an understatement. She’s an adjacent.”
by Warehgrg123 October 10, 2019
Ah Dear Jean, Another chance ensuing after naughty event companionable yes ?

This word is utterly useless unless the name of the woman to whom you are writing has a J at the beginning of one of her given names. Suggestions include Janis Joplin, Jennifer Jones, Juliet (don't send her one if Romeo is standing in the wings).
The women need some suggestions too so how about Jesse James or Jack Jones
by Stias August 17, 2005
means gay, usually an insult
'You adjacent bitch!'
by Cool Kid Brian January 7, 2021
you are a vagina.
You're calling me a vagina?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, that's too good for you.
What you are is...

vagina adjacent.
by sheen17 April 20, 2010