Used to describe your feeling when you're happy on the outside but dying and over it on the inside. In pop culture, it has most frequently been used by YouTuber Antonio Garza. She has made it into the meme it is.
Wow, my crush is straight, my grades suck, and my parents hate me 🤠
by Parkland Vostings October 17, 2018
the cowboy emoji is just like the best emoji. u can make it whatever u want.
“hey sis 🤠”
“ugh sister sad 🤠”
“u look ugly 🤠”
“how are you? 🤠”
“i hate you 🤠”
“i failed all my tests but it’s fine 🤠”
by November 16, 2018
by ProllyAMemeStar December 18, 2018
This emoji got tons of popularity from the youtuber Named Antonio Garza. This happy cowboy emoji is used when you are excited, sarcastically happy (sad), worried, scared, awkward, or any other feeling you want to portray.
Them: Wanna go to the movies tonight?
Me: I can’t 🤠
Them: Aww...
by We_Irritating April 3, 2019
The ‘whip and nae nae’ , yee , and ‘I wanna be a cowboy, baby ’ emoji.
So next time you wanna say yee 🤠, always put the cowboy emoji by it . 🤠
by xoxoyattbisckes July 2, 2018