Øystein is a Norwegian name, historically connected with the creators of the country. Today the name is mostly shared by rocket scientists, post doctors and exceptionally bright people, and most people look up to a 'Øystein' with envy. Most of those carrying the name today are true legends in their field.
- Oh, your name is Øystein? So you are a rocket scientist, then?
- He is such a Øystein (he is such a legend)
- The Øysteins of our country (the founding fathers of our country)
by JamesBond47 February 12, 2011
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A common Norwegian name. Come from the old norse word Eystein - meaning lucky stone
Hei, jeg heter Øystein.
Hello, my name is Øystein.
by Øystein November 8, 2004
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Øystein is a Norwegian name. Every Øystein has a large penis, are good in bed, look great and super smart. Everybody looks up to Øystein because they are always rich and well dressed.
I want to be a Øystein when I grow up: I want to be rich when I grow up.
He is a Øystein: he is a legend.
Have you stolen Øystein brain?: You are super smart.
by Øystein Dale October 15, 2019
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Norwegian slang for someone whose actions and preferances go against all logical explanation and common sense. It may also apply to people who sport hypocritical actions.
1: "Kanwulf is seriously the truest man ever!" "Shut up, Øystein!"

2: "I thought you hated corporate record-stores?" "Oh, but they're so cheap!" "You Øystein!"
by Eirik Alfson September 26, 2007
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Have you seen the Øystein on Øybuen?
by Øybuen April 28, 2009
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