Preddy is homo irl owned by Fluf
Fluf is teh owned, k?
|Preddy| IS NOOB:D
by Fluf July 26, 2006
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Preddie is usually a very pretty girl kinda chunky but also very loving but can also be an asshole at times. SHE CAN BE SMARTMOUTHED asf but you’ll always come around to love her.
by Miss J'neka June 27, 2020
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An obsessive and compulsive fan of anything and everything Predator. A Preddy is pretty much the same breed as a Trekie but not a fan of the Star Trek series.
He's easy to shop for. Just get him something with Predator on it and he will be happy. He is a world class Preddy!
by Hcaz Sakraf January 26, 2008
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A good looking, charming male, who is outstanding in bed. who is great there hands and most men like to hang out with and who most women are attracted too. The best bf a woman can have.
that guy is david thomas preddy i wish i was like him.
by davidtp March 3, 2010
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