a funny , succesful person. a 'mcin'Gets on with most people and are great with women .
hes so funny hes a 'mcin'.
by mcin--x November 12, 2008
An idea that when your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger. Named for writer Gavin McInness who brought idea to mainstream.
Someone posted a video taken out of context of Donald Trump making fun of a disabled reporter . I then posted my own video of the entire conversation that proved trumps flailing was taken out of context and not directed towards anyone disabled, they then said I was wrong and something was wrong with me and then blocked me. Clearly the McInness effect is strong in this person .
by PunkMonk January 10, 2017
Another form of the word fuck used for emphasis
by OGREMODE420 November 18, 2017