The most amazing girl in the world, she is awesome, smart, pretty, and fun to be around. Anyone who dumps, or treats a Tierney badly, is an idiot.
Example 1:
Your friend: Man, your girlfriend is so awesome and perfect.

You: Yeah I know she's a Tierney.

Example 2:
Idiot (you): Man look at that Tierney over there, shes so awesome, I shouldn't have dumped her!!!

Friend: I know your an IDIOT!!!
by pjahked January 18, 2009
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a very nice, kind, and caring girl. she may not always be friendly to everyone and may have some problems on days where she isnt feeling too good but will always be a true, valued friend and loved by everybody.
"so you're talking to tierney again?"
"yup, im happy about it too, i missed her, and im glad we put the past behind us. she is too much of a valued friend to give up over a stupid fight"
"thats good man, hope things work out. she's pretty hot too lol"
"dude, shut up"
by brettzle October 21, 2011
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A stunningly, beautiful, well-bred woman praised and admired by men all over the world. The title derived from the name of screen legend Gene Tierney.
I did not believe I would ever meet a real tierney, but when I caught my first glimpse of Lucy, I just stood there motionless, marveling at her beauty.
by Joe Rodolico May 04, 2008
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A cute and nice girl but often upset and overreacts over small things. She may have trouble making friends and can be shy at first but other times very hyper and crazy. She can easily get moody and may say mean and hurtful things. However on good days she can be sweet and loving.
Wow that girl can be moody sometimes!
Must be a Tierney
by Bob7342 March 16, 2013
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A beautiful,smart,dancer with a loving family and a bright future. A girl with a big,hopeful heart and a ton of confidence. This is a person who does not care what problems come toward her way,but brushes them of her shoulder and keeps moving forward. Tierney is a sweet person but no one i have ever met comes close to as crazy and funny as she is. This is who she is and this is the reason I have hope!
Tierney can and did inspire me!
by Kathleen Avinng January 09, 2015
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A title of honor for an extremely attractive, single female in sixth-century Ireland. Voting was held in small villages.
Her beauty, charm and innate breeding won her the title of Tierney of the village.
by Joe Rodolico January 27, 2007
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She’s the nicest prettiest person ik Who is always there for me and always will always be my best friend and hopefully more I actually love her and She always tries to hang around the wrong crowd but it’s ok
Tierney is the best
by Amazing person big boy daddy January 24, 2019
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