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When viewed sideways, appears to be the outline of a heart. Used in an expression of love.
by xrxgirl June 25, 2005
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Some people use this as a heart, but those people are wrong. It is clearly a ballsack.
I <3 you (I ballsack you)
by AtomicBono June 22, 2005
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<3 is the emo heart. It is a mathematically way to define a couple. i.e. two people are less then three. Two people tend to be a couple...well you can do the math.
by Demonantis September 24, 2008
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A IM/SMS symbol for a british icecream cornet with a chocolate flake stuck on top
infatuated girl recieves text from abusive guy:OMG!ahhh,do you really love me sending me the text <3-?
guy sunbathing in garden: WTF! NO i don't you stupid bitch,i can hear greensleeves tune!i want you to go to the Mr Whippy icecream van and get me a 99,doubled flaked <3= and dont you forget to sprinkle 100's and 1,000's on top!
by mohair August 10, 2007
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